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Center of Life Programs

Since 2002, COL has been instrumental in bringing numerous resources to the Hazelwood community that create greater opportunities for education, employment and homeownership. Through COL, partnerships have developed between community stakeholders such as public and charter schools, universities, businesses and non-profit organizations. COL provides programming in areas such as financial literacy, music, arts, education, athletics and after-school activities. Visit our program pages to learn more about what COL has to offer!

Click here or on the application image to the right to register.COL Jazz and KRUNK Movement require audition. Please call COL (412-521-3468) to arrange an audition.


The KRUNK Movement

The KRUNK Movement is a youth micro-enterprise designed as a production company. Students use the elements of Hip-Hop to communicate messages to teens and pre-teens about mental and physical health.


COL Jazz

COL Jazz was the first Center of Life youth program. COL Jazz is student-centered learning and engages children and youth as instrumental musicians. Through COL Jazz we teach music theory and other essential fundamentals as we prepare our students to perform.



Fusion presents a fresh way to approach out-of-school learning. Fusion is a family-engagement program that enables parents and guardians to participate in out-of-school academic help with their children.



CROSSOVER uses athletic competition, strong leadership from life-long Hazelwood residents, and play to mentor participants in accountability, teamwork and discipline. Adults from the community serve as role models and mentors for successful life choices.