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Welcome to COL’s Booking Form. Here you may request to have our student led musical groups perform at your event. Our micro-enterprise model for music and arts education teaches students that hard work, professionalism and developing their natural gifts is a means by which they can succeed. When you submit a booking request, you will hear back from COL. A booking is not finalized until a COL representative confirms with you and acquires additional information. Thank you for considering COL for your event. Every time we are hired, another student’s life may be changed by the experience.


The KRUNK Movement (Kreating Realistic Urban New-School Knowledge) is a student led music and health initiative that uses the elements of hip-hop, dance, recording engineering, visual art and equipment management to communicate positive messages about mental and physical health to teens and pre-teens. Designed as a production company, students learn how to start and run a small business. Our songs involve students in every aspect of hip-hop and dance production.


COL Jazz is a God inspired, relevant musical mix of the past, present, and future. The band integrates contemporary and standard songs with the history-rich tradition of jazz. Since 2000 COL Jazz has provided young gifted instrumentalists with the opportunity to play at a professional level around the city, state and country. As part of a larger program known as the KRUNK Movement, students in COL Jazz seek to use their talents to bring knowledge about music, health and business to youth everywhere.

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