Fusion presents a fresh way to approach out-of-school learning. Fusion is a family-engagement program that enables parents and guardians to participate in out-of-school academic help with their children.

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About Fusion

Fusion innovatively delivers out-of-school education in the context of family, community and schools. Direct participation of parents, guardians and volunteers in the educational environment is strongly encouraged and training is provided for all who wish to tutor . Through a growing partnership with public and charter schools and local universities, the placement of Center of Life personnel in the school system, and direct family interaction, each student receives conventional and unconventional comprehensive educational support across all core subjects.

Fusion Hours

Monday – Thursday 4:30 – 6:30

134 East Elizabeth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Please call us if you are interested in signing your child up for Fusion. Our number is (412) 709-6920

Get Involved

Would you like to work as a tutor or volunteer to help out in some other way?

Call us at (412) 709-6920 for more information about getting involved.

Click here to read our Policies and Procedures for Fusion