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Center of Life is a 501(c)(3), community-empowerment organization that serves to strengthen families, create opportunities for micro-enterprise and encourage homeownership.

  • Our Vision is to empower and equip families to bring economic revitalization to their communities.
  • Our Mission is to provide families and youth with the life skills, education, training, and resources necessary to be strong and to make their communities strong.

About Center of Life

Founded in 2002 by Tim Smith, Center of Life (COL) stands with the people of Hazelwood as they strive to be strong and to make their community strong. It is an outgrowth of the Keystone Church of Hazelwood, a community-based mission that has aided members of the greater Hazelwood community for over 30 years. With its roots planted deeply in the community and supported by extraordinary partners, Center of Life serves Hazelwood and its surrounding communities with rich academic out-of-school programs and outstanding experiences in music and arts.

Center of Life employs a holistic approach to community through all of its programs, believing that commitment to others is most productive when you walk with those served in their schools, homes and families.


About Hazelwood

We are proudly located in the Hazelwood community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once the center of the steel industry in Pittsburgh, Hazelwood has suffered major losses in the past few decades. As the steel industry left the community, so did stores, schools and resources. At Center of Life we believe revitalization for Hazelwood comes from within the community, and we work with community members to help Hazelwood become the community it desires to be.